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The Original 'Driven by Lemons' Sketchbook



This is the Moleskine sketchbook in which I drew/composed my second book, 'Driven by Lemons'. The AdHouse book 'Driven by Lemons' is a facsimile of this sketchbook. The binding is a little loose from what I put it through, but otherwise, it's in great condition.

I'm selling this for $25,000 (I realize that's a lot, but it's the price at which I'm willing to let it go. The breakdown is: $200/page, plus cover, plus status as a 'complete art object'). The down payment of $1000 is to let me know you're serious. (Plus, I don't think PayPal does transactions over $10,000.) If you do actually choose to purchase this, we'll work out the final payment(s) of $24,000 via email. Once we come to an agreement, I will personally deliver the book to you if you live in the United States or Canada.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: panophobe.jwc@gmail.com .

Free shipping and sticker!

Multimedia in sketchbook
108 pages plus cover